Lara-Cinisomo helps found Perinatal Mental Health Society

Sandraluz Lara-Cinisomo, assistant professor of kinesiology and community health, has helped found the Perinatal Mental Health Society, the first United States-based national society on the issue. The group’s mission is to advance clinical care, advocacy, research, and education specific to North American members and health care systems, with the goal of helping childbearing women, their children and families enjoy the benefits of mental health and well-being. The perinatal stage is defined as the range of time from the twentieth week of gestation to four weeks after delivery. Lara-Cinisomo is currently serving as the group’s treasurer and representing all Spanish-speaking countries in North America.
The Perinatal Mental Health Society currently has a call for abstracts for their November conference. For more information or to submit an abstract please visit

Professor Lara-Cinisomo