Diana Grigsby-Toussaint, Ph.D., Associate Professor ▼

Diana Grigsby-Toussaint, Ph.D.


Office phone:

(217) 333-9207

Office fax:

(217) 333-2766

Research Lab:

Academic Affiliations

Division of Nutritional Sciences, University of Illinois


Ph.D., Maternal Child Health Epidemiology, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2007

Research and Professional Interests

Visit the lab page: Social Epidemiology Research Group

Recent Publications

  • Zenk, S.N., Grigsby-Toussaint, D. S., Curry, S.J., Berbaum, M., Schneider, L. Short-Term Temporal Stability in Observed Retail Food Characteristics. (2010). Journal of Nutrition, Education and Behavior, 42, 26-32.
  • Grigsby-Toussaint, D.S., Zenk, S.N., Odoms-Young, A., Ruggiero, L., Moise, I. (2010). Availability of commonly consumed and culturally-specific fruits and vegetables in African-American and Latino neighborhoods. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 110, 746-752.
  • Grigsby-Toussaint, D.S., Lipton, R., Chavez, N., Handler, A., Johnson, T., Kubo, J. (2010). Neighborhood socioeconomic change and diabetes risk: Findings from the Chicago Childhood Diabetes Registry, Diabetes Care, 33, 1065-1068.
  • Harrison, K., Bost, K. K., McBride, B. A., Donovan, S. M., Grigsby-Toussaint, D. S., Kim, J., Liechty, J. M., Wiley, A., Teran-Garcia, M., & Jacobsohn, G. C. (2011). Toward a developmental conceptualization of contributors to weight imbalance in childhood: The Six-Cs model. Child Development Perspectives, 5 (1), 50-58.
  • Grigsby-Toussaint, D., Moise I., Geiger, S. (2011). Observations of food marketing targeted to youth in the retail food store environment, Obesity, doi:10.1038.2011.120.
  • Grigsby-Toussaint, D. S., Harrision, K., Nelson, M.R., Christoph, M.J. (forthcoming). Exploring marketing targeted to youth in food stores In Advances in Communication Research to Reduce Childhood Obesity (Williams, J., Pasch, K., Collins, C., Eds.). New York: Springer.


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