Citlali Lopez-Ortiz, Ph.D., MA, Assistant Professor ▼

Citlali Lopez-Ortiz, Ph.D.


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(217) 300-1022

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(217) 244-7322

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Ph.D., Kinesiology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Biomechanics, 2001 M.A., Dance Biomechanics, State University of New York at Brockport, 1994

Research and Professional Interests

Dr. Lopez-Ortiz's research focuses on how the human brain generates dexterity in motor coordination using the language of dance movement to inform the design of dance/movement training protocols in health, disease, and disability through the life span. Her research is intrinsically interdisciplinary. It includes the areas of dance, biomechanics, mathematical modeling, motor control, motor learning, physics, body-environment interfaces, mixed media, computational neuroscience, neurophysiology, and rehabilitation.
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